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Before you expend a penny on any coach or consultant, you need to verify two things: credibility and rapport. If either is lacking, the experience will be compromised. At Springboard, we bring a rich set of experiences to the table. And a strong point of view. Here is who we are and what we stand for.

Sherry Essen's credo

We believe that people and companies are works-in-progress--always capable of reinventing themselves, always responsible for moving forward.

We believe that less can be more--especially when it comes to advice.   We listen carefully and zero in on a few good ideas you can run with.

We believe that contemplation and conversation have their place, but that action is everything. Inertia can be overturned with the briefest deed.

We believe in the therapeutic powers of laughter.

We believe that time is precious. We aim to quickly grasp the situation and immediately offer value.

We believe in accountability.

We believe in adrenaline.

We believe that practicality is paramount. Nobody has time for ideas or stuff that doesn't work--no matter how alluring it may be.

We believe that people will only make and sustain change if they are truly motivated to do so. We help clients see the goal and get out of their own way.

We believe in small triumphs and tangible results. There is simply no better way to keep the motivation and momentum going.

Sherry Essen's credentials

Sherry Essen

Sherry Essen

Springboard was founded in 2003 by Sherry Essen. Over the past 15 years, Sherry has a held a wide variety of leadership, marketing, strategic planning and consulting roles. She earned her M.A. in higher education and strategic planning from the University of Minnesota and served as Vice President, and then Interim President, of the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, overseeing a threefold increase in enrollment, a 300% jump in revenues and a major facilities expansion. She has recruited high-end creative talent, developed transformational marketing campaigns and managed human resources at an award-winning design firm. Most recently she coached executives and professionals as a senior consultant at a high-end management-consulting firm. An accomplished generalist, Sherry draws upon her diverse talents and experiences to advance Springboard clients.

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