Sherry Essen and Springboard featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press
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  Sherry Essen to speak to a marketing group at the University of St. Thomas on executive presence and intelligent career management
  Sherry Essen serves on University of Minnesota discussion panel about "The Changing Landscape of Women in America"
  In transition? The first step is knowing your strengths (and values) so you can figure out how to leverage them. Read Now, Discover Your Strengths and take the fun and informative online StrengthsFinder test.
  Sherry Essen serves on luncheon panel and speaks on executive presence at "An Autumn Afternoon," an event for professional women presented by Rider Bennett law firm in Minneapolis
  Read about how to avoid the dreaded B-word in a recent CNNMoney article on how women executives can stand up for themselves without being labeled uncooperative, or worse
  First impressions matter. A lot! To get perspective on how you're pereceived, read First Impressions: What you don't know about how others see you.
  Sherry Essen speaks to all of corporate HR at Target on "Picturing Success: A Primer in 24 Pieces."
  Sometimes it pays to sweat the small stuff when you’re a manager. Read more about the importance of microgestures.
  The fast-becoming-a-classic business book, Good to Great, is worth reading and re-reading. And now there’s even a version out for nonprofits.
Productivity guru and writer for WSJ and Fast Company, David Allen, says, “It’s possible for a person to have an overwhelming number of things to do and still function productively with a clear head and a positive sense of relaxed control.”  Learn how in his new book, Getting Things Done.
Wondering if you're getting too set in your ways to change?  Research shows that at 40, the brain's best years are still ahead.
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