Sherry Essen and Springboard featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press
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Sherry Essen speaks to St. Paul Chamber Orchestra staff on “Intelligent Career Management: Tips for Getting Ahead in Work + Life.”
Tired of the same old arguments with your boss, family member or spouse? Learn how to disagree agreeably by keeping these tips in mind at your next impasse; they might help you avoid an unproductive argument.
Sherry Essen speaks to the St. Paul Chamber’s Young Professionals Group on “Executive Presence: Beyond Empty Suits + What to Wear.”
Springboard client, The Wild Institute, launches new website. An outstanding resource for women's wilderness trips, professional speaking and personal coaching.
Springboard in the news. St. Paul Pioneer Press, "Curbside career advice: Executive coach, Sherry Essen, helps up-and-coming employees climb into leadership positions by polishing their communication skills."
Springboard in the news. Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, "(Net)working out: From the river to the rink, Twin Cities professionals meet...and sweat together."
Self-change is tough, but it's not impossible-nor does it have to be traumatic. This is one of my favorite takes on the subject.
Sherry Essen, owner of Springboard, speaks to KPMG partners and managers on "Executive Presence"
What makes an effective executive? Read what 20th century management guru, Peter Drucker, has to say in the lastest issue of Harvard Business Review.
A growing mound of research shows that females trounce men in nearly every area of performance. But many lack that all important "presence".
Execs spend $ teaching themselves--and that's why they get ahead and stay ahead. You don't need to go further than this website to get the "cliff notes" version on many of these same topics. What are you doing to stay ahead?
  There's a new book called "Just Enough: Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life" with an intriguing premise:   Success is about balance--which means not obsessing about perfection and knowing when to say when.
Download a chapter, if you're interested.
  Simple, balanced, clean, practical.  
Ruminations and advice for real people.
  A different kind of career advice...I agree with every word.
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