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At any given moment, there are probably all kinds of issues in your job and life that could use some attention. But where should you direct your energies? What small things can you do that will bring the biggest results now? Springboard can help you focus your resources for maximum impact.
Our services are most effective when they address a timely situation--an opportunity, crisis, crossroads or immediate need.

You want it. You have a big opportunity in front of you--a promotion, a new job, a speaking engagement, a presentation, a business idea.   You don't want to miss the boat or botch it up.

You've had it. You are increasingly frustrated with a situation and are ready--really motivated--to do something concrete to deal with it.

You've lost it. You are feeling ordinary--like you've lost your sparkle or edge. You need to regain the confidence you once had and make your strengths shine.

You're winging it. You are filled with energy and ideas, but aren't sure if you're moving in the right direction. You need perspective. A sounding board. A reality check.

You're fighting it. You are struggling with a big decision, or are stalled in the midst of a project that's lost momentum. You need to assess what needs to be done and move decisively forward.

You're neglecting it. You are fully immersed in the daily demands of work and life, and have little time to ponder, plan and reflect. Yet you have a nagging sense that you (or the business) is not necessarily headed where you want to be going.


Whether it's recruiting the right people or retaining the ones you have.   Facilitating planning meetings or igniting action around goals. Coaching leaders to their expanded roles or growing talent at the mid-level--Springboard serves as the strategist and catalyst to get things done.

The way we engage with people depends on the client and need. That said, here are some models that are useful in describing how we work.

Curbside Advice

This is advice on the fly--either for an individual or a group of employees.   It is episodic and on-demand. You call with a problem or need: a lucrative lead, a stale resume or a an upcoming interview. We quickly assess the situation and give you some concrete suggestions--in person or over the phone. You pay by the hour or half-day and schedule time as you need it. Often this leads to a more structured undertaking, such as:

BME Projects

BME stands for Beginning, Middle & End. These are finite projects with a specific objective--like collecting feedback on your business, finding a new job, facilitating a retreat, or teaching a group of employees how to become better communicators. We'll help you frame up the assignment, put together a proposal for doing the work and take you through the steps necessary to accomplish the goal. There will be preparation, implementation and follow-up, typically for a set fee.

The Doctor is In

In this scenario, we set up recurring appointments over the course of several months or a year. These sessions can be structured--like a series of Feed Your Head luncheons to build skills. Or we can show up and deal with whatever issues are most urgent at the time, whether it's an upcoming presentation, a leadership challenge, or a major sales opportunity. Either way, we get to know your employees and your culture, building trust and reinforcing important initiatives over time. In addition to scheduled on-site hours, we're available by phone and email on an ongoing basis.


This is the complete experience--where it all comes together. A group of people with similar issues or challenges come together to explore ideas, learn from each other and discover "what's next." Whether it's individuals looking for a career shift, same-company teams learning leadership or professional women who've been home with their kids, the common theme is moving forward. This intensive program includes 2-3 days of self-inventory, feedback gathering and exercises to build insight, skills and confidence--culminating in a concrete action plan. A series of 4-6 monthly gatherings after the event keeps the progress going and the ideas fresh and alive. It's an unforgettable, transformational experience. To download a sample curriculum , click here.

And More.

We are open to all kinds of ways of working and can contribute meaningfully in a wide variety of situations. We can give lectures and speeches to groups large and small; assist with strategic planning; facilitate meetings, retreats or coaching circles; work with individuals 1:1; and the list goes on. What works for you?

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