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Why should you write a check to Springboard? How can you be sure it will pay off? While we can't offer irrefutable proof, consider the cost of not hiring us--of continuing with life and business as usual. Consider the missed opportunities, the lost potential, the wasted time. If you're too busy to see--let alone do--what it will take to launch you or your business to the next level, we can help. To reassure you, here are a few testimonials from our clients and a handful of reasons we believe we're worth it.

Top 10 reasons to hire Springboard:

1. We're efficient. You'd rather have a shorter, more focused learning experience than an elaborate, open-ended undertaking.

2. We're versatile. Depending on the day or month, your issues may span the gamut from communication and motivation to strategy and sales. You want to work with someone who can offer value in every area.

3. We're targeted. You want ideas and answers that are utterly relevant to your situation--not generic platitudes, principles and theories.

4. We're low-risk. You'd rather spend a little and test our value than sink a big chunk of cash into someone or something that may not work.

5. We're accommodating. You like the idea of after-hours engagements and learning luncheons--so you don't have to sacrifice productive or billable work time.

6. We're smart. You want someone who can quickly discern what matters to you and what counts in your company.

7. We're seasoned. You want a resource who's been in your shoes--someone who has brought in business, recruited talent, motivated staff and managed motley teams. You want acumen and real-world perspective.

8. We're judicious. You don't want to be overloaded with information. You'd rather focus on critical skills and essential takeaways--and delve in more deeply if and when you need to.

9. We're persistent. You want a change that will stick and learning that will last. You want someone who will be around to keep the motivation going and make sure the impact is real and enduring.

10. We're fun. You have enough stress and pressure already. You're looking for an experience that is engaging, revealing and uplifting--even if the subjects and stakes are serious.

“Sherry, I wanted to let you know I thought you did an excellent job with our group. You were quick to pick up nuances, well prepared, insightful as to our situation, and judicious about when to challenge us and when to let us go on without interruption. Nice work. Thanks for your help! I’ll look forward to our follow up meeting in the summer.”

partner, private equity firm
(and former head of investment banking at Piper Jaffray)

“Today was by far the most productive all-day retreat I’ve ever participated in. Your facilitation was outstanding -- 10 out of a 10.”

partner/owner, private equity firm

“Sherry, you really do have a marvelous ability to inspire confidence. I feel like I just drank a glass of an amazing tonic after meeting with you!”

vice president of marketing, major Twin Cities nonprofit

“Sherry, I appreciated how you customized your services to my specific concerns. Just enough information without too much detail – and very practical and very applied. My ultimate gauge was how I felt after each coaching session, which was much better than when I arrived. I came in with a challenge of the month and left feeling like I had a plan I could run with.”

senior manager, big 4 accounting firm

"Sherry, you have a marvelous ability to pull out the key strengths of our company and then reframe them into words. Your writing is outstanding and we're 'wowed' with your gift for words. We've always known we have a great story to tell, and your ability to help us communicate that makes us look unbeatable!"

president, Midwest travel and incentive company

“Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and friendship. I wouldn’t be as far along as I am in the development of my business if it weren’t for Springboard! You are so meant to be doing what you’re doing – you’re amazing! I look forward to continuing our work in the coming year.”

owner, culinary consulting business

"Sherry strategized and wrote the marketing materials for my newly launched consulting practice. Not only did she exceed my expectations, the results are dynamite. I've been recommending Springboard to everyone I know."

former vice president of human resources, global marketing group

"Sherry Essen is a combination of enthusiasm, intelligence, and knowledge--and is a very good person too. If I were still running my business, I'd work like heck to get her on my team. She's the best!"

retired CEO, publication company

"Sherry's aura, energy and poised, polished disposition are so authentic. Her presence alone immediately 'raises the bar' of those around her. Time after time, Sherry's mentorship, effective coaching and support has enabled me to expect more from myself and to communicate with twice the impact. She has a knack for helping people tap into their most valuable resources: themselves, and their own talents."

account manager, national branding agency

"An insightful, consummate professional--that's just one positive thing I'd say about Sherry Essen. She assessed my qualities, the good and the bad, and created realistic strategies to move me in a direction I would not have gone myself. Her non- threatening, common-sense approach was just what I needed."

development & fundraising director, international nonprofit

"I was on the verge of quitting my job because I just wasn't getting anywhere with HR and nobody seemed to notice how hard I was working. Sherry helped me realize that it was up to me to promote my talents and put ideas in front of people. She helped me see what I just couldn't see on my own."

human resources professional, global agra-food company

"In conjunction with a big promotion and a difficult period of adjustment, Sherry worked with me to identify my strengths, make them visible to others, manage conflict, and realize my opportunities for growth. She provided wonderful guidance and suggestions during a very challenging time."

chief of staff, major health services organization

"I found Sherry to be perceptive and realistic. She was supportive while still telling me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear. What I liked best about working with her is that she was very real. Her suggestions weren't one-size-fits-all advice--they were crafted to fit my situation."

CAO/CFO, mid-size privately held corporation

"Sherry helped me muster up the courage to pitch bigger business to higher stakes audiences to grow my studio. The biggest piece I keep with me from the experience is a dramatically increased level of self-confidence and decreased anxiety. I've learned not to be intimidated by people, which means I've gotten over a serious hurdle. I'm no longer afraid to get out there and look people in the eye and ask for the work."

owner/principal, electronic production studio

"A sincere thanks to you for your time and talent. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount--I even enjoyed myself! I will continue to use your helpful suggestions well beyond my campaign days, and I know that this experience will stick with me forever. Thank you for your thoughtful approach, wise counsel and terrific advice. It really made a difference!"

political candidate/non-profit executive director

"Sherry was the primary force in my transition from a long-term career that had stalled to my current position as a vice president of a transportation company. She provided guidance and motivation so that I could make the change feeling confident and empowered."

vice president of sales and marketing,
major Midwest transportation company

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